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Everything Bagels W/ Chive Cream Cheese (gf/df)

Who doesn’t love a good classic bagel for breakfast? I grew up on bagels (again, I’m from New York, it’s in my blood!). I really wanted to make a healthy bagel so I combined a few recipes I’ve used in the past to make this recipe, and it is definitely a winner. They have a… Continue reading →

Egg Roll In A Bowl (gf/df)

I know for me, growing up in New York means that we LOVED our Chinese take out. Whatever dish you got from the local Chinese restaurant, you always got a warm egg roll with your meal. This dish truly reminded me of that classic egg roll with the same Asian flavors, only difference is that… Continue reading →

Indian Butter Chicken (gf/ df)

Butter chicken is something that always sounded so good to me, so I finally gave it a try and it did NOT disappoint! This recipe is not only gluten free but also dairy free. It is so full of flavor, rich and creamy that you will have a hard time believing it’s healthy. I hope… Continue reading →

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