zucchini & chicken spaghetti

Sean and I were watching the Stanley Tucci special where every episode he is in a different region of Italy. In one episode, he was making Spaghetti Alla Nerano which I have never heard of! In that particular recipe, they fried zucchini and then blended up some of it to make a puree. We decided… Continue reading →

Smashed Chickpea Avocado Sandwich (Gf/df)

This is the PERFECT sandwich for when you’re craving a healthy, meatless meal! I usually make this on the weekends for us, but lately have been making extra to bring to work. It is SO good and you will not miss the meat because the chickpea avocado combo will certainly fill you up. Servings: 4… Continue reading →

Everything Bagels W/ Chive Cream Cheese (gf/df)

Who doesn’t love a good classic bagel for breakfast? I grew up on bagels (again, I’m from New York, it’s in my blood!). I really wanted to make a healthy bagel so I combined a few recipes I’ve used in the past to make this recipe, and it is definitely a winner. They have a… Continue reading →

Egg Roll In A Bowl (gf/df)

I know for me, growing up in New York means that we LOVED our Chinese take out. Whatever dish you got from the local Chinese restaurant, you always got a warm egg roll with your meal. This dish truly reminded me of that classic egg roll with the same Asian flavors, only difference is that… Continue reading →

Indian Butter Chicken (gf/ df)

Butter chicken is something that always sounded so good to me, so I finally gave it a try and it did NOT disappoint! This recipe is not only gluten free but also dairy free. It is so full of flavor, rich and creamy that you will have a hard time believing it’s healthy. I hope… Continue reading →

Butternut Squash Chili (gf/df)

I LOVE butternut squash! It is a versatile ingredient that you can incorporate with so many different types of cuisines. It really blends well with all different types of flavors. This chili is a GREAT slow cooker recipe! When we got home from work, had a hearty soup waiting for us that makes the whole… Continue reading →

Lentil Soup (gf)

After I graduated from college, I lived with my mom until I moved to Florida. When my mom and I weren’t eating roasted chicken or having dinner at our favorite diner, we were eating lentil soup. I love lentil soup because it is hearty and full of vegetables! I make this lentil soup in our… Continue reading →

Molten Chocolate Cake (gf)

Well, 2020, it has been quite the year am I right? This year for New Years like most people we stayed in and decided to make a nice dinner with comfort foods! I was definitely unsure of how this would turn out but I was surprised at how good it was! It was pretty easy… Continue reading →

Protein Smoothie Bowl (gf/df)

I love having smoothie bowls when I am craving a nutritious and quick meal at home. I enjoy my protein bowls using Arbonne’s vegan protein powder. The best part about smoothie bowls is that you can make it your own. Feel free to pick your own favorite fruits to top it with and let me… Continue reading →


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